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R e f f e r a l s - 1

Date: 3/15/07

Mr. Washington,
Thank you so much for everything you've done for me! The following is my testimonial in writing about all the incredible help youve given me. I truly cant thank you enough for all the help youve done for me, and I will be a walking talking billboard for your services at the very mention of a lost pet. In the future, if I ever lose a pet you will be the first person I contact. Anyways heres my testimonial, feel free to change or move anything you see fit, as I am uncertain as what you think the best thing for the testimonials purpose is. My Testimonial: After finding my lost cat this morning I would have called my cat's co-owner to tell him his cat had been found, but he has no cell-phone. The first person I called was Carl Washington; Pet Detective. He was just as happy to hear about the cat being found as I was, and he gave me follow up advice for rehabilitating my "heavily dieted" friend. Mr. Washington is a an absolute blessing for anyone who has lost a pet, and after several nights of looking, Mia turned up exactly where Mr. Washington said she would. If it weren't for Mr. Washington's help, without question, Mia never would have been found. My final advice to lost pet owners, even those who think there is no possible way their pet can be found; Carl Washington is the best at what he does. For a lost pet, there is no one else I would ever call. Signed, David , Barnett and of course Mia

Date: 10/2/08

Thank you Carl,

I called you on October first, in tears about needing to locate a trap and catch my cat Butch who got out a few days before (IL) . IT WORKED!!!!!! he came in 'talking up a storm' about 45 minutes after i rigged the house as you told me. I do not work. I am in a situation right now where I cannot send you your fee in one shot- However I can and will donate (when I can) ATLEAST enough to cover your fee over the next few months (80$). Not only that- I have a 'big mouth' (in a VERY good way). You will be recommended to everyone I know who needs advice in a lost pet situation. I will pass this advice around by word of mouth and all over the internet- where appropriate. If you need a 'testimony' I'd bee very happy to write one. I have already told hundreds of people (within 24 hours) who were involved in 'Operation Bring Home Butch' what service you provide. (for your sake I didn't tell them you told me for free). I just told them what a genius you are!

I cannot thank you enough- as I just lost 2 dogs this past summer (old age and illness) within 6 weeks. I'd have been devistated for life if I lost Butch too. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Expect Donations from me Bless you for who you are and what you do Sincerely and Gratefully- Jodi G. Stein and Family.

Date: July 16/08

To Carl Washington,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me find Bailey, my 2 year old golden retriever who disappeared on the night of July 4th, 2008 during fireworks at our family’s lake house in N. Georgia. I got an email from Mr. Washington and immediately checked his credentials with the local Adopt-A-Golden organization in Atlanta. They told me that Carl was “For Real” and had a good reputation so I hired him, and boy am I glad I did. From the day he showed up, I felt better about the whole situation – Carl’s positive attitude was critical to our success. Carl got right to task and worked our neighborhood for 48 hours. 12 hours after he left, Bailey was found, pretty much exactly the way Carl said he would be found. Bailey was lost for 7 days. He was found by a couple in their back yard about a mile from our lake house and they went to one of the signs Carl placed and called me saying they had my dog. I believe Carl’s efforts to set out bait to draw Bailey out of the woods and the neighborhood awareness Carl provided were the reasons I got Bailey back. I totally believe in the Pet Detective and would highly recommend him to others.

Sincerely, Ruth Bartlett, Atlanta, GA

Date: 01/26/09

Thank you so much for tips, we found cocoabean today.Lady who we thought picked her up seen sign and called and told us where she was last seen. We went to look, called, and she came out of field to us. We are so happy !!! We were so scared cause it got down to 5 below the last 2 nights. We don't know how she didn't freeze, but we thank the Lord that she is home safe and thank you for your great tips they really do work.

Gwen Adams

Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003
I'm writing to thank you! We took your advice and it worked quite well!
Caught Max the second night! He is home and well and we all have our lives back. If you have a card or brochure I'd like to keep some on hand, we will pass them along to our clients who have lost a dog or cat. Thanks again. Janet
McKim DVM Middleburg Animal Hospital PO Box 368 MIddleburg, VA. 20118.

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003
OH MY GOD!  In my 20 years in the animal field I have NEVER lost a pet,
but when BEAR, my indoor only wimpy house cat, was gone more than 2 hours
I was panicked!

When a pet detective contacted me via email I was extremely suspicious, but thought only for 1 minute and took a chance to get our beloved BEAR back and took his advice.  GOD BLESS YOU CARL!!!    Within 5 minutes back inside of my house there were faint meows and my husband and I quietly raced to the back porch to have BEAR run to us eager to go inside and eat!  OH MY GOD - it was that easy!  THANK YOU!  The tears are still flowing as I right this and I WILL thank the LORD tomorrow in church for you and your mother for contacting/helping me!  I ALSO want you to use me as a reference ANYTIME cause a clear thinker is exactly what everyone needs in a time of crisis.

BEAR is back indoors and ALL our pets are getting scheduled for chip inplanting immediately.  He will probably sleep on our bed as usual tonight, but the look on my daughters' faces in the morning will be priceless!  OH MY GOD - THANKYOU!!!

Samantha Hoos
Pohatcong, New Jersey
owner of The Hoos Zoo

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003
Mr. Washington,

I just wanted to let you know that I did everything you told me to do last night and a couple hours after dark Ozzie showed up on my doorstep.  I opened the door and she came running and jumped into my arms.  Thank God she seems to be fine. I'm putting tags on her collar today just to be a bit safer.  I can't thank you enough for your help. Getting Ozzie back definitely completes our family.  Hopefully she will realize that it's a whole lot nicer inside than outside.

I will definitely be passing your name on if anyone I know is searchingfor a pet (family member).

Thanks again,
The Walker Family

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003
Carl , hank came home tonight, you said at 5:00 pm, he got home at 8:00pm,
Absolutely amazing, you are the best!  We will give you the details, thanks Tim

Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003
Dear Carl!

Just wanted to give you the good new that we found Tigger Friday night! Thank you so much for your help and tips on how to find him.  We weren't sitting there for more than 30 seconds when Adam spotted the two "glowing" eyes.  Adam got out and walked towards the woods and called for Tigger. I then got out and walked over and called him and we could see his white chest.  Tigger started to meow and came right to us!  We were so happy to see him!  He was clean and uninjured!  He only had a small scrape on his little pink nose and he hasl ost a few pounds -- but that's probably a good thing!

Anyway,  I don't think we would have found him if it had not been for you. You gave me hope that Tigger was still out there somewhere and you were right on the money when you said he was close by!

Hopefully I will never need your assistance again but if I do or anyone I know loses a cuddly family member, I will refer them to you!

Thanks again, you truly are an inspiration to animal lovers!

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003
Mr. Washington,

I just wanted to take the time to formally thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are the most amazing man & I am completely impressed with your abilities & the amazing job you did by finding my cat.  You sent me a profile & assured me that if I follow those steps, that I stood a great chance at finding my Baby.  I DID!!!!  I owe my life & my cat's life to you!!  You have more than impressed me & I look forward to spreading the good word of your work.  I want you to know that you can use my name anywhere, anytime for a reference.  I plan on writing the local news stations here in Kansas City & also writing the Kansas City Star on the amazing Pet Detective you are.  I called you many times & you were always helpful, kind & well educated on finding my cat.  I first called you & had my profile within 1 hour & then had found my cat in less than 24 hours after placing the initial phone call to you.  I thought I had looked everywhere & in your profile you hit the exact spot where she was.  If I said thank you all day, every day; it would never express the gratitude I have towards you.

Thank you & may good blessings be with you & yours.

Nicole St John
11775 S Shannan St
Olathe, KS.  66062

[email protected]

Date: Tue, 13 May 2003
Mr. Washington,

Thank you so much.  I followed the advice you gave me over the phone last night, and my cat Honey is safe at home again.   This morning, she greeted us in the family room with a meow.  She was hungry and tired but otherwise in good shape.  I won't need the profile, but would like to pay you for your consultation.  Would $50  be sufficient?  If so, please let me know where to send it.  If not, what would be appropriate for your excellent advise.

Thank you again, you are fantastic,
Mary Pewitt

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002
It is Monday morning and I was getting ready to call out the media and mail
letters off to vets when I looked out my window and bella was walking up from the back of the property. exactly where you said she would be.  And we did exactly what you said to do.  

Thank you so much,
 Amy and Bryant Krenek

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003
Carl --

Great news -- the alley work did the trick tonight, and we got Carlos back!!
We are just over the moon!

We kept a sharp eye out for Carlos.

We cleaned up some trash in the alley behind our house that we found scattered by the trash trucks, and then I did some garden weeding to work off my sadness, and came in when it was finally dark.  Jere decided we needed some yogurt to cheer us up, so he left to drive up the street.  He got back about 20 minutes later and I heard him come in through the back porch.  He said, "look who's here!!" and I looked up and Jere had Carlos in his arms!  I started crying like a baby and Carlos jumped down and came over to rub on me.  He was a little dirty and smelled pretty funky, but he didn't have a scratch on him, thank goodness!  His little kitty girlfriend, Nina, was pretty wary of him at first and did a lot of careful sniffing.  She looked like she was saying, "where the heck have YOU been and WHO were you with?"  Then she hissed at him.  It was pretty funny.  Then they tussled for awhile like nothing was wrong and went back to chasing each other. Then Carlos snarfed down food at two different bowls. He was pretty hungry. He had a long grooming session and looked pretty spiffy in no time. He's been getting lots of rubs and love. Nina and Carlos are now in the garage, their favorite play area, scouting the many bugs and crawling things they love to hunt.

We are so relieved and thankful!  You're techniques were so practical and right on the mark!   Carlos was back by the fence under the carport, where there are some openings wide enough for him to get through from the alley.  Jere said he got out of the car and Carlos just flopped right down on the driveway and rolled on his back like, "OK, you know what you need to do--rub me!" as if nothing was wrong. Well, he had his fun, and now we will be extra careful to watch the doors when we're going in and out.

It was just great to find someone like yourself with experience in domestic animal behavior. You were so confident, and we were able to calm down and feel there was something positive and useful we could do on our own to track down Carlos.  He just "partied" for 5 days, but we were worried the whole time.

The neighbors were great, as one of the neighbors saw Carlos 24 hours after he got out, but didn't realize he was an escaped cat.  He felt really bad that he missed the chance to get him.  He escaped Thursday.  The neighbor would have tried to capture him or at least follow him and see where he went.  We did get to meet neighbors we didn't know, and everyone was very helpful and sympathetic.  So the whole process was a good experience in the long run.  And now that I know how cats behave when they escape, I won't be so worried if he gets out again. He'll probably just join the other cats up the street, and will come home in a fewdays.

Our neighbor wants us to write a story for the neighborhood association newsletter and relate how you helped us, if that's OK with you. We would include your tel. nos. and email address. There are lots of animal lovers in our area.  Also, I will pass along our experience working with you to our area newsmagazine, The Advocate as well as the Dallas Morning News hopefully for inclusion in one of their sections on pets, if that's ok with you.  I think people need to know about your very valuable service and feel they have good tools and support to help find their pets, instead of sitting and worrying.  So, if that's ok, just let us know and we'll get the good word out.

Also, Jere and I would like to send you some additional money for the extra special service, phone and e-mail time you gave us. You stayed right with us.  If someone comes along who can't afford to pay, maybe you can help them out.

Many, many thanks for a "job well done!" Keep us on your e-mail list if you can, and send us future success stories of The Number One Pet Detective in the US!!! And please use us as a reference for anyone else.

Hope we don't need you again [ :) ], but if anything happens in the future, we'll be sure to call you to keep our morale up and offer ideas while we track down the kitties.

All our best,

Sara Guettel and Jere Reiser
Dallas, Texas

Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003
Mr. Washington, you are oh so right about my indoor cat.  He was right under the deck for the last two days but wouldn't have come out any time soon until I used your intelligent tactics.

Lo and behold I heard a bell tinkling and sensed something on the move.  I heard a small little meow and tracked it to our deck.  Bentley's head appeared and he saw me and ducked back under the deck.  He had a very wild look in his eyes.  I knew he didn't know me from Adam.

I squatted and waited and sure enough his head appeared again.  Not so wild
looking this time.  This went on for at least 15 minutes until he finally pushed out a little further then a little further.  I finally was able to grab him and pull him out.  Gosh, does it feel good to have little Bentley back.

Thank you for your sage advice from afar, yet I felt you were right next to me coaching me on.  Your help to us folks losing our dearest and treasured friends is so greatly appreciated.  Thank you, thank you and God Bless.

Michelle Moldenhauer

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003
Hi Carl!

We found Arlo today!  He was about 1-1/2 or 2 miles away, in a completely
different subdivision, ACROSS (busy) Highway 31!!!  I have no idea how he got
there!  Either a neighbor relocated him there, or a coyote may have chased him or
a dog maybe...something scared him out of the subdivision.  An elderly lady and her son first saw him around Thanksgiving, behind their house.  They are the ones that Jerry and I went to go check out.  We searched that day and found nothing.  We figured it was a wild (feral) cat.  However, they said they'd never seen this cat before, and the timing would be about right as well, for him to show up over there.  Anyway, yesterday they called me again, telling me he was there and they were feeding him leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  I told them I couldn't leave work, but I'd be over there today to see if I could see him.  I went over, thinking if it WAS him, and he was too scared to come out, I'd have to trap him in order to find out if it REALLY was him.  I pulled up to her house, and at the house next door was an orange/white cat, sitting next to their side door.  I got out of the truck and said "hello kitty" to it, thinking, "that must be the cat she thinks is mine, but that's not Arlo..."  Well, he stayed there and meowed at me.  I marveled at how he LOOKED like Arlo, and MEOWED like Arlo...I knocked on the door and asked the lady to come out and look at this cat, and verify is this the one you think is my cat (before I went searching elsewhere)?  She came out and said yes, that's the one.  Then (I was in denial from being disappointed from "sightings" so many times) I proceeded to tell her it wasn't my cat!!!  At that point he started meowing and WALKING towards MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  I STILLLLLLL didn't get it...I said, this cat's got a white spot on his face, my cat doesn't have that (denial, or was it brain damage, was quite advanced at this point), and she said, he HAS to be your cat, he's coming right up to you!  I was stillllllll in denial.  I thanked her for her time and said I'd go ahead and give this (obviously hungry) cat some food and be on my way (YES, I was going to LEAAAAAAVE him...alzheimers police, where are you????).  At that moment, the "police" drove up...Jerry and Chase!  Jerry knew I was going over there, and he and Chase saw my truck was gone from the house (they had gone to Taco Bell), so they came over.  Well, Jerry got out and at FIRST he said well that cat resembles Arlo, but it's not him.  (Cause I'dalready been shaking my head "no" when he drove up...I had no brain cells left by this point...)  Well, the cat proceeded to rub on Jerry, and then meow, and Jerry said, Nancy that sure SOUNDS like Arlo...and that did that precise moment in time, the denial "walls" started tumbling down, out of my hollow skull, allowing the brain cells to flow back in, or something...I suddenly "allowed" myself the "permission" of thinking positively, COULD this be Arlo?  I looked at him closely, VERY closely, and noticed he was neutered, AND that his fur around his neck had that familiar indentation indicating a collar had been there...suddenly I started crying...OH MY GOOD LORD...IT'S ARLO!!!!!!!!!!
Intelligence flooded back into my brain and I knew it was him.  He was screaming at me the whole time saying MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!  I scooped him up and hugged him!!!!  I then knocked on the lady's door again and told her she was right, it WAS my cat!  I hugged her and gave her the reward.  I then took him home and that cat rode on my shoulders as I drove, meowing the whole time and purring madly!  He's stuffed himself and stuffed himself the remainder of this day, and has been drinking water like crazy (he did have plenty though, I think he was just stressed).  He's now crashed in his favorite spot, completely sound asleep for probably the first time in four weeks.  His instinct had to protect him the whole time he was gone, so I am certain he didn't get much rest.  Plus he's malnourished a bit, has lost a few pounds.  But...he's FINE, and HOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  I am so relieved!!!  I am wondering what caused him to end up over there...either an irate neighbor moved him, or a coyote/dog/something scared him and caused him to leave his territory.  I guess I'll never know, at least while I'm here on Earth.  Doesn't matter though, he's home safe!   :)

Needless to say, Arlo is GROUNDED...for a long time!  I am in the process of
getting my fencing in the back "split" in two, one side for the cats, one side for the dogs.  The cats' side will be 5 feet high, and I am getting special "cat fencing" added on top of it that will ensure they cannot get "out out."  Right now I don't think he cares one bit that he's not outside...he's zonked in his favorite spot (same spot where Coco and Rocky sniffed).  The other cats all sniffed him like crazy when he came home.  He was so happy to see them, he went up to each of them, and some hissed at him cause he didn't smell like home at all.  It took Cassie (his girlfriend) all day before she finally realized it was him and started washing him!  She hissed at him at first, and I told her, Cassie that's your boyfriend!!!  hehehehe  She figured it out!

I am SO thankful, thank GOD (literally) he's home...what a major major relief!  I want to thank you so VERY VERY VERY much for coming up here and completely "casing" this neighborhood. You gave me a ton of HOPE that I could find Arlo alive, by eliminating the fear in my mind that he was dead in our woods
near the house.  Coco and Rocky confirmed that!  I really appreciate your coming
up, and losing sleep, staying up all night profiling the neighborhood, talking to my neighbors, letting everyone know just HOW important Arlo is to me.  You are wonderful, you gave me the assurance he was still alive, and encouraged me to not give up.  I had gotten to the point of leaving him in the Lord's hands.  I'd been praying all along and realized I had to give Arlo up to Him.  No sooner than I did that, then we got the call.  Thank God!

Thank you so much, Carl, for your hard work, love and dedication for animals.
 You truly are a lifesaver!  God Bless you and your family!

Nancy Crozier
Columbia, TN
[email protected]

Seeeeeeeee yaaaaa,

Crazy Catlady and loves every minute of it, Nancy

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