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Date: 11/15/06

Hi Carl,

We wanted to express our gratitude again for your efforts in finding our beloved Norwegian Forest Cat, Brandon. We had given up hope of ever seeing him again when a chance encounter with another cat lover led us to you. Within a couple of days I met you late at night in our vet's parking lot where Brandon had escaped 5 weeks earlier. After giving you and your dogs some more information I was told to go home and be ready for phone calls.

At 2 p.m. the next day you called and said you had Brandon in your sights and we should rush over immeditately to capture him, which turned out to be much easier than we expected. After a week back home Brandon, except for being a few pounds underweight, has returned to his normal routine and our lives have been relieved of the great burden of a lost pet and the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness we had felt only a few days before.

Carl, I hope you will use this letter to help convince others in our position to have faith in your abilities to find their lost pets. We have told everyone we know about our experience with you and we are still pinching ourselves when we see Brandon back at home after giving up on him. You come as advertised, a no-nonsense professional who knows what he is doing and clearly loves doing it. We are so happy you had success with us!

It was a pleasure to meet you and to be rescued by you. After we had Brandon safely in our car, you rode off to the next case, and we missed not having the opportunity to talk to you more about how you found our cat. But that's ok. You did what you said you would do and we can't express in words the relief you granted us by your extraordinary talent. Please feel free to direct anyone to us for a reference and we will gladly help to convince them that pet detectives do exist and you are clearly the best.


Jerry and Anne Rubenstein

Date: 12/8/06

Dear Carl, Thank you so much for helping laura (new york0 find dixie! I just got heremail saying that she found dixie on sunday and credits you.

good job!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're the best!

Cathy Gottschalk- Merola

Date: 10/12/08

It is with great emotion that I announce the return of Pebbles !!!!!!!!!!!!! Pebbles was away from home 9 days 4 hours.

As we told most if not all, we did what I feel we could to post flyers, run newspaper ads, etc, but we just weren't getting any sightings or leads. We decided to ask Mr. Carl Washington, Pet Detective, out of Georgia to come up and take our case.

Mr. Washington arrived 9:45pm on Wednesday, stayed at a hotel (to care for his tracking dogs and get some rest), and he arrived at our house apprx. 1pm on Thursday, and feverishly went to work with a pre-set plan. He posted some oversized pictures of Pebbles on the side of his Pet Detective truck; as well as, my phone number. After driving out during rush hour to exploit Pebbles' photo, and strategically post 50 flyers, he returned to explain the process and then back out to bait Pebbles out of any possible area spots she may have been using as shelter.

Throughout the night, Mr. Washington travelled in and out of Cul-Du-Sacs and nearby farm lands, searching for her. Approximately 9:15am yesterday morning, his strategy and planning came to fruition. Amazingly, I received a call from a lady about 1.5 miles from our house stating that Pebbles was walking in her front yard (assumingly trailing the bait), and that it appeared that Pebbles had been bunkered down in a vacant barn while the owners were away on vacation. She saw Mr. Washington's truck on Rt 22, but didn't recognize Pebbles until arriving home. She figured that perhaps a nearby veterinarian might have the flyer, since Mr. Washington bombarded the area, and sure enough, got my phone number.

Pebbles, a bit skiddish at first wasn't sure who Molly and I were, but with a couple calls of her name, and I laying on the ground, she came over and with plenty of emotion stayed between Molly and I until Mr. Washington could secure her, so that Molly could carry her to the truck and back to the house. Pebbles has returned to her regular demeanor after 12 hours of remaining distant from the trauma. Thank You again, Mr. Washington. Words can not express our sincere gratitude for your diligent hard work and omniscent knowledge of animal psychology. You truly have a gift, and forever remain in our hearts as Carl Washington, the Nations # 1 Pet Detective !!!!!!

Date: 11/20/08

Dear Mr. Washington,

This thank you is long overdue. Last January, you found our 10 year old cat, Gomez, hiding underneath an abandoned house not too far from our home. If I hadn't contacted you, I am certain that I never would have seen Gomez again. He would have remained hidden and would have starved. And I would have been plagued with the heartache of not knowing what had happened to him. But that miserable scenario was avoided, thanks to you.

Thank you for restoring my family. Every time I pet him, I am reminded how lucky we are. Thanks for helping us out. You were worth every penny! God bless you and your dogs.

Best wishes, Sunshine Bon

P.S. If there is anyone considering using your services, but doubting that you are for real - please feel free to give them my email address. We are absolutely thrilled with what you did for us, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Date: 11/20/08

Hey, Carl!

Hope all is well with you and your dogs! I've been thinking about you this past month b/c it has been a year now that you were able to recover Goose in Memphis, TN. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did. I have told your story over and over so many times. Interestingly, my neighbor who just "happened" to find Goose and keep him for a week returned my other dog's collar. This was about 3 or 4 months later. It was in perfect condition. Hope you and your family have a great holiday!

Thanks again for all of your help last year!

Leslie Mozingo

Date: 3/28/09

Thanks for all your help!

We finally got her yesterday. I know you knew because my husband called you to thank you. When Nyx gains weight, I will send you pictures! We went to the vet this morning and all tests came back negative for parasites and such. All she needs now is puppy formula to get weight on her. I always buy them the best which is natural dog food, its called Blue Buffalo and its been the best dog food Ive ever used, especially for them since they are shar pei. Thanks so much and I will email you the story with pictures for your website once she looks better!!!


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